The Game of Table Tennis

We all have one time or more came across the Name table tennis in our life. The game is well known by all of us and is loved as a way for entertainment by all the age groups and everyone all around the world. The game was firstly originated in the late 1890’s and started to spread its roots in different countries since then. The game is also widely popular as Ping Pong in some parts of the world, but there is not at all any difference between the technique, rules or the equipment used.

You can play any form of the game as per the number of players. The game can be played in the singles or doubles form, in singles, there is one player on each side and both of the player compete against each other and try to score points. In the doubles versions, there are a total of four players playing with two being in a team. Each team is assigned one side of the table and has to serve from there. Both of the players are given equal chances to serve and handle the returning ball to score points and make their team, win.

Other versions of the Ping pong game

  1.    Miniatures

There are a lot of miniatures of ping pong are available in the market that can be brought. You can easily buy them and install it in any area. Firstly designed for the kids these are now availably suitable for all the age groups that too at an affordable and very reasonable price. The original table for the game is very expensive and no to be fitted into everyone’s budget and also acquires a lot of space, the solution for them is to buy the miniature version of the game that is equally entertaining and refreshing that too at a much lower price and without taking very much of the space.

  1.    Video games or digital games

You can play ping pong on the digital platform with near to real graphics. These are the more advanced and profound way to play the games and also can be played by anyone without any physical activity. Some of the ways to play the game digitally are

  1.    Mobile phones

You can download and install the table tennis games in your phones to enjoy it anywhere anytime. You can enjoy the game easily on the small screen as well.

  1.    Xbox or play stations

These give you the near to real experience of the game with superb video quality and outstanding graphics used. Also by choosing these options to play ping pong, you get to play it with some gears and equipment provided, but for that, you need to have a proper set up before.

  1.    Online gaming

There are also a lot of table tennis games available online which you can easily enjoy on your laptops and computers. With a good quality and audio, you can enjoy the game with the at most comfort and convenience and ease.