The Basics of Ping Pong

Widely known as ping pong, the game grew its roots to be played as an after-dinner game in the upper-class families of Victorian England. It was first established as a parlor game and was known as table tennis because of its similarities to the game loan tennis, firstly it was considered as a miniature indoor version of the game loan tennis. Though the name table tennis is still prominent and was a decade younger than ping pong, which was given by the Chinese to the game because of the absence of any Chinese character named pong. The game grew its popularity after it went through some transformation and modifications in the colonial India. The different playing technique and set of rules were modified to gain the shape it has today. British lord commanders and high officials considered it as pass time while their period in India, after the end of Colonial rule they took the modified version of the game back with them but also left the knowledge in the upper class and royal families of India. Soon it started to spread its roots to another part of society as well.

The rise to popularity

As the game rose to popularity in the country the travelers from all around the world also got mesmerized by it and started to spread the technique and knowledge of the game worldwide. Soon enough the game of ping pong was known in almost all the countries in the world and was loved by everyone, various table tennis tournaments started to take place all over the planet. The game of table tennis was considered as a sign of standard and the person knowing the game was given a high spirit treatment. At present Table tennis or ping pong as you like to call it, is the game with the maximum number of participants from all around the world. It is known for the unique technique and providing a way of amusement not only for the players but the spectators too.

About the game

The game includes three to seven sets depending on the convenience and ease of players and the body organizing the event. Each set consists of eleven points and the player scoring maximum points in a set wins it. The winner of highest sets is declared the champion of the game. As per the standards set by International Table Tennis Federation to decide the winner best of five or seven sets should be taken in note but some of the local bodies insist on completing the match in three sets due to absence of time.

Final words

The game Ping Pong is the one highly adored and loved all over the game, people also prefer the game because of its establishment as an indoor game with a hint of physical activity too. To gain excellence in the game you must acquire excellent reflexive skills. You can easily learn the game either with the help of tutorial videos available online or the schools providing formal training.