Each and everything you need to know about ping pong

The game of ping pong is a well known one and widely played among the people of all the countries around the globe. It is an indoor game mainly consisting of a ball, a racket, and a table to play upon. The game of table tennis is known for providing relaxation and relief from our daily anxieties and stress and also has been proved the best way to get refreshed and rid of all the tensions going in our lives. It is believed that the game was actually originated in the older England originally with a different name and set of rules without any difference in the technique used to play ping pong.

It was firstly counted as a mark of standard and was considered to be a thing belonging only to the high society peoples. With the expansion of British colony to India, the high lords and British commanders brought with them the game and expounded it to the royal and well-known families of the country. As the game traveled from family to family it reached to all the sections of the society and went through lots of transformations and modifications gaining its present form. Ping Pong underwent through various name changes as well as it made its journey from country to country.

The name table tennis was given because of its similarities with the loan tennis game and Ping Pong was given by Chinese due to the absence of any character in their history named pong. All other names lost their shines and faded away easily and fast as their origin. Both the names Table Tennis and Ping Pong are equally popular and differ from country to country, region to region, and person to person. The names do not symbolize any other changes in the rules or techniques used to play the game. These are just two different names given to the same name.

Equipment used in the game

The main equipment used is the ball which is specially designed to be light weighted and seamless to make it bouncy in order to keep the nature and course of the game as per it is. The ball just weighs 2.7 gm with a diameter of 40 mm to keep it small and featherweight, which makes it easier to get hit by the racket and bounce well on the table.

The racket or also known as the paddle is used in the game by both of the players to hit the ball and make it reach to the opponent, the player missing to hit the ball makes the opponent gain a point. The paddle is made of wood in a semi-circular shape with a handle to make the player’s grip over it easy and also a rubber sheet is coated over it to make the ball bounce when it hits the table.

While purchasing the equipment you should take care to buy only the original ones and stay away from the Chinese products.

The Basics of Ping Pong

The Basics of Ping Pong

Widely known as ping pong, the game grew its roots to be played as an after-dinner game in the upper-class families of Victorian England. It was first established as a parlor game and was known as table tennis because of its similarities to the game loan tennis, firstly it was considered as a miniature indoor version of the game loan tennis. Though the name table tennis is still prominent and was a decade younger than ping pong, which was given by the Chinese to the game because of the absence of any Chinese character named pong. The game grew its popularity after it went through some transformation and modifications in the colonial India. The different playing technique and set of rules were modified to gain the shape it has today. British lord commanders and high officials considered it as pass time while their period in India, after the end of Colonial rule they took the modified version of the game back with them but also left the knowledge in the upper class and royal families of India. Soon it started to spread its roots to another part of society as well.

The rise to popularity

As the game rose to popularity in the country the travelers from all around the world also got mesmerized by it and started to spread the technique and knowledge of the game worldwide. Soon enough the game of ping pong was known in almost all the countries in the world and was loved by everyone, various table tennis tournaments started to take place all over the planet. The game of table tennis was considered as a sign of standard and the person knowing the game was given a high spirit treatment. At present Table tennis or ping pong as you like to call it, is the game with the maximum number of participants from all around the world. It is known for the unique technique and providing a way of amusement not only for the players but the spectators too.

About the game

The game includes three to seven sets depending on the convenience and ease of players and the body organizing the event. Each set consists of eleven points and the player scoring maximum points in a set wins it. The winner of highest sets is declared the champion of the game. As per the standards set by International Table Tennis Federation to decide the winner best of five or seven sets should be taken in note but some of the local bodies insist on completing the match in three sets due to absence of time.

Final words

The game Ping Pong is the one highly adored and loved all over the game, people also prefer the game because of its establishment as an indoor game with a hint of physical activity too. To gain excellence in the game you must acquire excellent reflexive skills. You can easily learn the game either with the help of tutorial videos available online or the schools providing formal training.

Why People Prefer To Play Ping Pong?

Why People Prefer To Play Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a popular term that everyone knows because it is the second name of table tennis which is a popular sport. This game is all about using the skills, techniques, and agility in a right manner for defeating the opponents. Majority of people give preference to table tennis instead of any other kind of sport. If you are not known to this game then you need to know the fact that this game is all about hit the ball with wooden paddles. The minimum requirement of players in table tennis is 2 because a player does not play this game individually. When we talk about how to play this game then the first thing is to place a table tennis table in your home or in lawn beside your home. That table has a net which classified the area into two portions. The players stand on the both side of the net and play against each other to defeat.

More about ping pong

There are millions of people who are crazy about playing table tennis and they are calling their friends and siblings for this. You may know that most of the people play this game on regular basis to stay fit because this is a good physical activity that needs the eye-hand coordination. With the help of playing table tennis, a player is able to burn their calories and also get lots of advantages relate to their health. You can see that people who are interested and playing this game from a long time are fit and healthy. They also don’t need to join any gym or fitness class for maintaining their health. Moreover, ping pong is a beneficial game which is not good only for physical health but also for the mental health of an individual. Playing table tennis also helps the players to improve their skills as well as concentration power.

Choose the best equipment

The most important thing to play table tennis is the involvement of good quality equipment. Everyone knows that without having good accessories or equipment, no one is able to enjoy the game. Apart from this, there are also some rules and regulations regarding the usage of rackets for playing the game. If you are playing any competitive match or tournaments then you should have good quality racket or paddle. For this, the thing which you have to do is to buy such equipment from a reputed brand. Most of the players are not considering the brand or quality and buying cheaper quality rackets. In this situation, they have to face troubles in between the game. The racket must be in good position without having any damage. It should have two colors on two different sides of the racket according to the rules.

Ways to find best-quality equipment

Are you struggling with some troubles while choosing the best quality equipment then you don’t need to worry. Now I will tell you about the facts which you have to consider while buying the table tennis set and a table. As you all know that a table tennis table is the most important thing which is playing an important role while playing the game. You have to search more on the internet to know about the best brands that are selling table tennis equipment. After doing this, you can visit their official websites and check the reviews of their existing customers. In this way, you can know about the quality of the equipment which they are selling. By placing an order online, you can receive the equipment at your home. Moreover, you can take advice from the professional players or experts.

Beneficial tips to play ping pong

Are you getting started with table tennis? If yes then you have to consider some vital facts which help you to play in a better way. Most of the people think that they will become a professional player in a single day then they are wrong. This game is all about using the techniques and skills in a right manner. This game is all about concentrating in a perfect manner so that players should need to focus on the tennis table every time. If you are properly concentrating on the ball while playing against your opponents then it will increase the chances of winning the game. Moreover, ping pong is an interesting game which is full of fun and enjoyment. You should play table tennis with your friends and it will surely make your leisure time more memorable.

Things Need To Know About Ping Pong

Things Need To Know About Ping Pong

Have you ever heard about ping pong? If yes then you may also know that this is a best indoor sport which is played by people from all around the globe. This game is getting fame because people of different age groups can play this game and enjoy their leisure time in a great way. For playing this, the game you need an opponent so that you can play this game with your friends and siblings. Most of the people don’t know about ping pong because they know this game with the name of table tennis. Table tennis is the popular name of this game which is well known by everyone but most of the people are familiar with the name of ping pong. As you all know that both are similar to each other and there is no difference between them. You can consider this sport to play with your friends in your free time or when you desire to do any physical activities.

Getting started

If you are going to play table tennis for the first time then you should need to know about the basics of the game. It is important to learn the basics to perform better and compete against the opponents. There is various factors present and players have to aware of them to have a great experience by playing the game. The players should need to know about the techniques of making a proper grip and basic footwork which are important for defeating others easily. When you are getting started to play this game then you must need a partner.  In this game, at least two players can play the game with each other and the number of players can be increased.  In the beginning, no one can be perfect in the game but practicing makes them perfect.

Considerable facts

In the beginning, playing table tennis requires a bat which you must buy from a branded company. By doing this, you can play the various matches with your personal paddle. In addition to this, there are many more equipments which players need to play ping pong in a better way. Majority of people are not considering the quality of the equipment and purchasing from the companies by choosing them on a random basis. This is not right, they should aware of the fact that bad quality equipment can make their game worse. The thing which they should do is to choose the best brand for buying the equipment to play table tennis.  This is a known fact that ping pong is a famous sport and this is the reason for which various companies are selling the equipment. Buying them with consideration will help you to make your game more interesting and it also enables you to play in a comfortable manner.

No big courts required

Most of the sports require big courts and large space so that players can play in a perfect manner. If we talk about ping pong then this is a game which you can play on the lawn of your home. You just need enough space for placing a table to play table tennis. There is also no more equipment which you required to play table tennis as like the other sports. You just need to buy a table, paddle and a set of balls which also do not require investing more money. The thing which plays a significant role is the table and with the good quality table to you can enhance your gaming experience. The players can also consider some guides which are provided by the experts in order to know more about the techniques required to play table tennis in a right manner. You have also an option to watch some tutorials or videos available on the internet to learn the basics of the game.

Join a Club

People who are crazy about playing table tennis have a great option to join the club. You can find the best club in your area by searching on the internet. By this, you can easily play the matches with the other members of the club and you also don’t need to worry about finding people to play with. With a membership of the club, you can play anytime in the large fields with best quality accessories. In this way, you can play on a regular basis and also enhance your skills and knowledge. Joining clubs is also the best way for the beginners to learn how to play and to understand the basics of ping pong.

The Game of Table Tennis

The game of Table Tennis

We all have one time or more came across the Name table tennis in our life. The game is well known by all of us and is loved as a way for entertainment by all the age groups and everyone all around the world. The game was firstly originated in the late 1890’s and started to spread its roots in different countries since then. The game is also widely popular as Ping Pong in some parts of the world, but there is not at all any difference between the technique, rules or the equipment used.

You can play any form of the game as per the number of players. The game can be played in the singles or doubles form, in singles, there is one player on each side and both of the player compete against each other and try to score points. In the doubles versions, there are a total of four players playing with two being in a team. Each team is assigned one side of the table and has to serve from there. Both of the players are given equal chances to serve and handle the returning ball to score points and make their team, win.

Other versions of the Ping pong game

  1.    Miniatures

There are a lot of miniatures of ping pong are available in the market that can be brought. You can easily buy them and install it in any area. Firstly designed for the kids these are now availably suitable for all the age groups that too at an affordable and very reasonable price. The original table for the game is very expensive and no to be fitted into everyone’s budget and also acquires a lot of space, the solution for them is to buy the miniature version of the game that is equally entertaining and refreshing that too at a much lower price and without taking very much of the space.

  1.    Video games or digital games

You can play ping pong on the digital platform with near to real graphics. These are the more advanced and profound way to play the games and also can be played by anyone without any physical activity. Some of the ways to play the game digitally are

  1.    Mobile phones

You can download and install the table tennis games in your phones to enjoy it anywhere anytime. You can enjoy the game easily on the small screen as well.

  1.    Xbox or play stations

These give you the near to real experience of the game with superb video quality and outstanding graphics used. Also by choosing these options to play ping pong, you get to play it with some gears and equipment provided, but for that, you need to have a proper set up before.

  1.    Online gaming

There are also a lot of table tennis games available online which you can easily enjoy on your laptops and computers. With a good quality and audio, you can enjoy the game with the at most comfort and convenience and ease.