Michael HuntAs both sports and history lover, I  was always keenly interested to know more about the game and dug deep to know better of it every time. From its origin in the Victorian England to gaining its present form in the colonial India all its journey is quite amusing and extraordinary. Unlike other games, it targets each and every part of the society and every age group and is also equally adored and appreciated by them all. Table tennis is played all across the globe and has the maximum number of participants in the world.

Out of all the sports, I was always attracted more towards table tennis and loved to know more about it. After completing my schooling I want for a degree in research and the topic for research was table tennis, as the history unfolded itself the game become more and more interesting for me and never failed to amaze me with all its superb facts and stories. No matter how tired I would have been playing table tennis or learning more about it never went out of fashion. Today I am a proud teacher, teaching all my students about the all the benefits and rich history table tennis possess.